Ana Bonilla Martinez

Current Role: Program Coordinator at RWJ University Hospital / Cancer Free Economy Network

Ana Bonilla Martinez is a graduate of the School of Arts and Science at Rutgers, New Brunswick. She majored in public health with a focus on health education and advocacy. Ana is interested in pursuing a PhD after working in the health industry, involved in either public health or public policy. Before then, Ana would like to enroll in a MPP and MPH dual degree program.

Ana is a first-generation college student and a generation 1.5 American who migrated at the age of nine to New Jersey. Her interest in health and policy stems from her own experiences with immigration and health care. Ana has been involved in volunteering efforts and programs in New Brunswick, primarily through her faith community and membership of an immigrant rights organization. This involvement has expanded her understanding of the health disparities she witnessed and experienced.

During SUMR, Ana worked on two projects. The first project under Dr. Karlawish aimed to develop culturally relevant messages on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The second project with Dr. Aysola focused on the experience of inclusion and diversity among health care workers. Both projects helped to expand Ana’s understanding and skills with qualitative research and presented an opportunity to develop skills with quantitative analysis. See Ana's SUMR Timesblog post here.

At Rutgers, Ana was awarded the Ralph W. Voorhees Fellowship, a research fellowship rewarding civic engagement among students with an interest in policy, and the Mary Ann and Steven J. Allard Fellowship awarded to outstanding non-traditionally aged public health students. Ana was a member of Wind of the Spirit, an immigrant rights organization. Through this organization Ana helped lead and develop workshops on immigrant rights, health and safety, and nonviolent conflict resolution. Ana enjoys to volunteer in community organizing and outreach efforts relating to the low-income Latino immigrant community.