Christopher Koilor

Current Role: Research Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Koilor is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, where he pursued a BS in Biobehavioral Health. His biobehavioral health studies provided him with an interdisciplinary approach to health by studying how multiple factors affect health outcomes. Chris plans on attending medical school, with aspirations of improving health disparities in underrepresented communities. In addition to working in a clinical setting, Chris hopes to engage in research to help advance his knowledge on various health issues. Through prior experiences and coursework, he has become passionate about exploring different behavioral, cultural, and environmental determinants of health with a focus on minority populations.

During the SUMR Program, Chris worked on two separate research projects. One of the projects was with Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, anesthesiologist and critical care specialist. This project focused on Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS), which analyzed the patients and their families’ experiences of recovery from traumatic critical illness. The second project was with Dr. Therese Richmond and focused on understanding the emotional responses & recovery from injury in urban black men. The study examined how acute injuries led to long term effects, such as depression and post traumatic stress in black men. The study also strived to develop strategies to enhance or detract from their emotional recovery attitudes towards seeking psychological help.

At Penn State, Chris was a part of BLUEprint, a peer mentoring program for incoming freshman and change of campus students to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. He was also a Peer Educator for HealthWorks, a health advocacy sponsored by the University’s Health Services to educate the student body about health behaviors. Chris was a part of the University’s Clinic Intern Program where he gained first-hand experience with patient intake and health education. Aside from campus involvement, Chris loves to engage in community service and various types of physical activity.