Fatoumata Barry

Fatoumata Barry attends Spelman College where she is pursuing a BA in Health Science on the pre-med track, with a minor in Comparative Women’s Studies. After graduating from Spelman College, Fatou plans on attending medical school, where she will pursue a MD in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Since a young girl, Fatou has dreamt of opening a multi-facilitated clinic that will provide women with socio-economic and socio-emotional supports. Growing up in Guinea, West Africa, Fatoumata witnessed the struggle that women in her culture faced in efforts to have full autonomy over their own bodies. In her culture, women often undergo FGM, and Fatou’s own experience with FGM has led her to develop a passion for reforming health care for women all over the world. She believes that the best way to empower women is to ensure that the healthcare system is protecting their right to have full control over their own body.

During the SUMR program Fatoumata worked on two different projects with Dr. Carmen Guerra and Dr. Brenda Curtis . The first project, under Dr. Guerra, explored the effectiveness of a Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) patient navigation system, by determining if the patient navigation system increases LCS knowledge, decreases decision conflict and impacts LCS rates. Additionally, the project evaluated the impact of LCS on clinical process and outcomes. While working with Dr. Curtis, Fatoumata analyzed a large set of Twitter Data from various US counties to determine if there is a correlation between twitter language to drug consumption and drug poisoning rates.

At Spelman College, Fatoumata is a member of the Undergraduate Health Sciences Academy at Morehouse School of Medicine, a program dedicated to exposing students of color to various careers within the medical field. She is also a member of the Health Careers Program at her school which engages students with the field of public health from multiple perspectives. Also, she is a member of the Lady Buds Organization which aims to ensure that local at-risk girls grow to become well-rounded young women and become change agents in society. She is the lead mentee of a nonprofit organization called “Let’s Do Brunch”, an organization dedicated to empowering women of color through networking and mutual support. In her free time, Fatoumata enjoys reading, traveling, providing tutoring supports to her peers and caring for her younger siblings.