Jiaxuan (Grace) Nie

Current Role: Research Assistant for Wharton Health Care Management

Grace (Jiaxuan) Nie is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. She is pursuing dual degrees in Nursing and Business, with concentrations in Healthcare Management and Business Analytics. Born in Beijing, Grace spent her high school years in New Zealand, and now attending college in the US, she has had the privilege to learn about three drastically different healthcare systems first hand. Such experience has sparked Grace’s interest in health economics, as she aims to understand how public policies changes affect individual and institutional behaviors. She is particularly intrigued by health insurance reform, hospital financing and staffing, and long-term care.

As a SUMR Scholar, Grace worked on two research projects. In her project with Dr. Ashley Swanson and Dr. Matthew Grennan in Wharton’s Healthcare Management Department, Grace investigated the medical device market with a focus on physician preference items as the key drivers of today’s high hospital supply costs. Grace also worked with Dr. Norma Coe at Penn Medicine. She collected data and conducted economic analysis on the publicly and privately financed long term care markets.

During the academic year, Grace serves as co-chair of the Wharton Alumni Relations Council and a member of the Wharton Undergraduate Research Board. She also pursues two research assistant positions, working with Dr. Matthew McHugh at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, and Dr. Mary Ersek from the Nursing School. In her previous summer, Grace worked at a startup in Beijing, where she helped the firm open its very first senior day care center. She also conducted an independent research project, in which she compared the elder care systems in China and America.