Joseph Pecha

Joseph Pecha is a graduate of the University of Dallas where he pursued a Biochemistry degree and a minor in French. His interest in the medical field has driven him to explore the world of science in various ways. He conducted research at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio for three summers in high school examining a potential link between mutations and congenital eye disorders. After his freshman year of college, he conducted research at Emory University looking at the effects of certain mutations in NMDA receptors on their function, and how to return them to normal function with drugs.

Interested in combining his interest in basic science with an interest in the other aspects of the medical practice has led him to examine the field of medicine from a view which looks at the care of patients from a public health angle. He hopes to bring both of these skills to great use as a future physician and is very interested in assisting underserved and struggling communities throughout the world.

During the SUMR program, he worked with Dr. Alexander Arriaga to use knowledge of a patient’s background to create a better approach to treating disease. In addition, he worked with Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, and focused on quality control and improving efficiency in the field of orthopedic medicine.

Joseph was also an avid athlete, playing on his university’s soccer team his freshman season, as well as the swim team. He was the vice president of the University of Dallas Journal of Science and held leadership positions in various clubs including French club and the Student Members of the American Chemical Society. He enjoys reading old books, eating ethnic cuisine, and spending time with friends exploring the Dallas-Fort Worth area.