Mohamed Abdirisak

Mohamed Abdirisak graduated from Indiana University Bloomington, where he pursued a BS in Psychology with a certificate in Neuroscience. An Indiana native and second generation American, Mohamed has had several unique experiences with healthcare systems in the US and abroad as a patient, family member, and observer. These experiences, combined with his interests in research and advocacy, have fueled his passion for increasing access to quality healthcare that is equitable, cost efficient, and takes the unique needs of all stakeholders into consideration. Upon graduation, Mohamed plans to enroll in a graduate program in Healthcare Management and Policy. Additionally, he is highly considering combining his graduate training with a medical degree in order to fulfill his goal of working at the intersection of clinical medicine, academia, and government.

As a SUMR Scholar, Mohamed worked on two projects with Prof. Jaya Aysola and Prof. Holly Fernandez Lynch, respectively. With Prof. Aysola, he took part in a project to identify the root causes of disparities between non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black patients with respect to ED wait times. This project in addition also tested an EHR intervention to combat these disparities. With Prof. Fernandez lynch, Mohamed contributed to a project that assessed whether Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) achieved key substantive and procedural goals related to protecting research participants, treating investigators fairly, and efficiently reviewing research without sacrificing quality. The findings of this project were used to inform IRB procedures at a consortium of institutions.

To complement his research interests, Mohamed was a Ronald E. McNair Scholar at Indiana University. Additionally, he enjoys keeping up with current events, running, and spending time with friends and family.