Risha Sheni

Current Role: National Institutes of Health Postbac Intramural Research Training Awardee

Risha Sheni is a senior at Cornell University where she is pursuing a BS in Global and Public Health Sciences. She is interested in the intersection of health disparities and social determinants of human health. Both her short and long term goals include investigating the barriers that prevent many individuals from receiving quality care, particularly communication in medicine. Risha hopes to use her training and passion to work towards more equitable health care delivery, especially among vulnerable patient populations.

As a SUMR Scholar, Risha worked under the guidance of Dr. Sushila Murthy, Dr. Margaret Lowenstein, and Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio. With Dr. Murthy, Risha conducted a pilot study to assess the feasibility and acceptability of serial frailty measurements in patients undergoing elective vascular surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. The study informed the design of a larger prospective longitudinal cohort study seeking to better understand trajectories of frailty in the perioperative period. With Dr. Lowenstein and Dr. Cannuscio, Risha worked on a pilot study to demonstrate the feasibility of libraries as venues for engaging with the community for opioid harm-reduction, while also informing future interventions based in public libraries.

At Cornell, Risha serves as Community Service Chair for the Sikh Students Association and is actively involved with Cayuga’s Watchers, an organization designed to mitigate the harms associated with high-risk drinking by promoting peer social responsibility. Risha also writes for RICE Magazine and served as President of Cornell Society for India. In her free time, Risha enjoys dancing and listening to podcasts.