Translation & Dissemination Support

As a leading voice in health policy, Penn LDI helps communicate research findings to people in a position to use them. Through strong translation, dissemination, and policy-engagement strategies, Penn LDI bridges the gap between research and policy, ensuring that the work of Senior Fellows reaches policymakers and informs key debates. We disseminate Penn LDI research products widely through social media, enewsletters, promotion on Penn LDI’s and other websites, and targeted outreach to key constituencies. 


We can help LDI Fellows to repackage and effectively communicate your research and expertise to different audiences. Our multimedia products include:

  • Briefs – Whether covering a specific piece of research, a body of knowledge on an issue, or new data analysis, our briefs provide a concise description of research evidence and place it in the policy context.
  • Blog Posts – With posts written by our Fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, LDI staff, and external contributors, our dynamic Health Policy$ense blog provides a platform for drawing connections between new pieces of research and commentary on the latest policy developments. 
  • Research Snapshots – Responding to more visual ways of communicating, Penn LDI research snapshots summarize the main points of a study using fewer words and more visuals than our briefs. These products are popular and easily shareable on social media.
  • eMagazine Features - Highlighting the impact and recognition of our Fellows as subject-matter experts, our feature stories share research findings, as well as more on the individual(s) behind them. 

To access our services, contact us as soon as you know your article is accepted. Within staff and time constraints, we can help you translate your findings into Penn LDI products that can be timed with publication. If your research has already been published, we can help you apply your expertise to current events and debates through blogging and news stories. 


To reserve our services, consider putting our Translation and Dissemination in your next proposal to external funders. 

Increasingly, funders are requiring researchers to address translation and dissemination activities in project proposals. No longer satisfied with the boilerplate language of meeting presentations and journal publication, funders are looking for evidence that their dollars will have an impact beyond academic spheres. That’s where Penn LDI’s Translation & Dissemination Program comes in.

We offer bundles of translation and dissemination services that you can put into proposals to formalize these efforts. Funding allows us to devote limited Penn LDI resources to your specific project, and shows a funder that you are serious about disseminating your work. You can tap into Penn LDI expertise in health policy, health economics, and health services research to make proposals more competitive and attractive to a broad array of funders.

For more information, please contact:

Janet Weiner
Co-Director for Health Policy