Wide Media Pickup for Medicaid 'Fee Bump' Study

Wide Media Pickup for Medicaid 'Fee Bump' Study

Temporary Measure Improved Access to Care

Dan Polsky and Karin Rhodes' study on the Medicaid "fee bump" has garnered widespread pickup by media sites across the country. The analysis looked at the two-years during which the Affordable Care Act raised doctors' pay rates for Medicaid primary care services. It found that significantly more appointments were available for Medicaid patients during that period.


Karin Rhodes, MD, and Daniel Polsky, PhD, MPP

Explained at length in an LDI Blog post, the fee bump ended on January 1 and the study findings suggest that Medicaid appointments may become more difficult to get now that physicians will make less for providing that service.
Among the media sites spotlighting the study and its implications were Modern Healthcare, NPR's Newsworks, Medscape Today, American Public Radio's Marketplace, Kaiser Health News, The Advisory Board, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NJ.com, HealthInsurance.org, NJBIZ, MedicalResearch.com, and Yale School of Medicine News.  
Polsky, PhD, MPP, is a Professor of both Health Care Management at the Wharton School and Medicine at Penn's Perelman School of Medicine, and Executive Director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI). Rhodes, MD, is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine's Division of Health Policy Research in the Penn's Perelman School of Medicine.