Zachary Meisel, NBC, Narrative as ER Tool

Zachary Meisel, NBC, Narrative as ER Tool

A news article spotlights a new study led by LDI Senior Fellow Zachary Meisel of how the use of narrative methods can improve physician performance in the emergency room prescription of opioids.

Zachary Meisel

Just published in the journal, Academic Emergency Medicine, the study compared whether evidence‐based narrative versus traditional summary best improved emergency physicians' recall of opioid prescribing guidelines.

Increased recall
The results showed that exposure to stories detailing exact examples of various patient situations made it more likely that ER physicians would recall guideline content for prescribing addictive painkillers like oxycodone and Vicodin.

"ER docs are sort of right in the nexus of this problem where we have to figure out how to treat pain, but we also need to be very wary of potential for abuse and diversion and overdose," Meisel told NBC. "We're going to use stories -- what we call evidence-based narratives -- to get people and physicians in particular to pay attention."

Meisel, MD, is an emergency physician at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Penn's Perelman School of Medicine.