Notable people, papers, and events from PennLDI's first half-century


Notable people, papers, and events from PennLDI's first half-century

Fifty years of groundbreaking health services research. Fifty photos that tell the still-unfolding story of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. The impact -- a moment of influence at a critical time in health policy; a paper now considered a classic; the launch of a new interdisciplinary field. The people -- a remembrance of our founders, now gone; mentors who inspired brilliant careers; trainees who went on to make a difference; people who blazed trails and people who followed in their path. Follow us here and on Twitter as we highlight the pioneering people, events, and publications that marked turning points in our history and in health policy. Take part in this trip down memory lane by sharing your own memories using #PennLDI50.


We wrap up this series with an ode to its creator, Janet Weiner. 

David Asch, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania

Harnessing new insights to promote healthy behaviors

‘A Woodstock for Health Geeks’

Former RWJF Clinical Scholar founded an independent philanthropy in California

Combining a lawyer’s training, a business professor’s acumen, and a passion for health policy

Launching our next half-century in style.

Landmark study wins BMJ Group Award for Translating Research Into Practice

Improving outcomes, reducing costs for older adults

Masters of Health Policy Research (MSHP) trains a new cadre of clinician-researchers

Reflecting on the extraordinary career of one of nursing's most notable leaders.

From designing the nation's largest health legislation to pioneering health policy at Penn, Kissick's work remains legendary. 

No accident of history that LDI was founded at Penn in 1967, two years after President Johnson signed the Act that established Medicare and Medicaid

Jeffrey H. Silber, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Silber develops a new measure of hospital quality.