Our Work

As Penn’s hub for multidisciplinary research and education on health, health care, and health policy, Penn LDI connects all twelve of Penn’s schools, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. While our Fellows’ work spans all aspects of health care, it fits broadly under several priority areas that highlight current challenges in improving our nation’s health system.

Health Care Access and Coverage
Patients in Doctors Waiting Room


Optimizing insurance and access to health care to provide high quality health care.

Health Equity


Improving health and reducing health disparities through a more equitable health care system.

Improving Care for Older Adults


Improving the health, wellbeing, independence, and care of older adults.

Opioid Epidemic


Finding sustainable, humane, and effective solutions to the opioid epidemic.

Population Health


Focusing on how societal events, structural forces, and policies influence the health of populations.



Supporting research related to the pandemic and its long-term health and economic implications.