Associate Fellow

Charles Gray, MS

  • PhD Student, Healthcare Management & Economics, Wharton School

Charles Gray, MS is a PhD student in the Health Care Management and Economics Department at Wharton. His research interests include the industrial organization of the pharmaceutical supply chain and prescription drug insurance market. For instance, he has studied how vertical integration between pharmacy benefit managers and insurers has impacted the competitive landscape of prescription drug insurance in the Medicare Part D market. Additionally, he is studying the impacts of the 340B Drug Pricing Program on Part D.

He has also studied competition issues in other health care markets including hospital systems, physicians, and medical devices. Prior to Wharton, he worked as a researcher at Yale’s Institution for Social Policy Studies. He also worked as an analyst at Economists Incorporated, an economic consulting firm in Washington, D.C. He worked on a multitude of cases, primarily serving clients in the health care and energy industries who were involved in mergers and faced antitrust challenges from competitors or regulatory agencies. Gray received an MS in Economics from the School of Economics at Drexel University.

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