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A specialized program that increases the reach and impact of policy-relevant research and elevates LDI Senior Fellows as content and policy experts.

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Apply for Grants

Penn LDI offers several funding opportunities for Senior and Associate Fellows.

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Data and Analytics Support

We offer a range of research resources, including access to health-related data, a secure computing environment, and skilled statistical analysts.

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External Research Partners

Our external partners include state and city health departments, health providers, and mission-based organizations.

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Translation and Dissemination

As a leading voice in health policy, Penn LDI helps communicate research findings to people in a position to use them.

Share Your LDI Fellow Updates

LDI Fellows are encouraged to submit their accomplishments, including grants, promotions, awards and/or publications, via our online form below. This will help LDI maintain accurate and current records, and give us the opportunity to publicize Fellows’ work through our digital communications channels.