Associate Fellow

Joseph Martinez, PhD

  • MD-PhD Student, Perelman School of Medicine
  • MD-PhD Student, Healthcare Management and Economics, Wharton School

Joseph Martinez is an MD-PhD student at the Perelman School of Medicine and at The Wharton School. His research spans a variety of topics in health economics including value-based payment reforms, organizational change, competition and pricing, behavioral economics, and pharmaceutical innovation. Recent topics include the effects of physician-hospital integration on quality of care, the impact of voluntary versus mandatory payment programs, and the use of machine learning to uncover heterogeneity in the effect of these programs. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association and Health Affairs.

He joined the Penn MD-PhD program after graduating from the University of Miami and working to coordinate care for low-income patients with the Florida Department of Health. Since coming to Penn, he has worked extensively with faculty at LDI, the Department of Health Care Management and Economics, and the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics.

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