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Elevance Health (Anthem) Research Opportunity

Penn LDI and the Wharton School Health Care Management Department are partnering with Anthem, Inc, one of the largest health insurance entities in the United States, in a research collaboration aimed at advancing knowledge about how to improve the nation’s health care. This collaboration provides access to Anthem claims data and seeks to answer questions focused on using provider payment and insurance design to improve health care access, cost, and quality.


Research projects using existing data and focusing on the following areas will be considered under this partnership:

  • Reducing health care costs through service utilization adjustments from the consumer or provider side
  • Improving the quality of care through member engagement and/or provider performance
  • Increasing access to care and customer, member, and provider satisfaction
  • Understanding the role of health care markets in affecting access, cost, and quality of care
  • Reimbursement strategies that reward quality of care rather than volume

Available Data

For approved projects, Anthem will provide access to the relevant claims data from 2008 to the present. Data is stored at Anthem and can be accessed through a secure connection for approved Penn faculty or staff. Anthem will create a dataset for each approved project that will include up to 5 million insured individuals. 

These data may include:

  • Sociodemographic information (except race or ethnicity)
  • Patient ZIP code
  • Enrollment information including benefit design, available for recent years only (e.g., premium, deductible, cost-sharing) 
  • Claim-related information including prices paid (except for pharmaceutical claims)
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)

Data do not include:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • Mortality

Eligibility and How to Apply

We invite LDI Senior Fellows, or Associate Fellows in collaboration with a Senior Fellow mentor, interested in conducting observational research focused in these areas to apply following the instructions below. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in participating in this collaboration, please complete the online form linked below and include a 1-page proposal (not including timeline) with the following: (a) research objective; (b) data elements required; (c) study design; (d) proposed timeline; and (e) statement describing the relevance of the potential research results to health care decision-makers.

Please note: Research projects partially funded by any pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device company will not be accepted. Research focused solely on clinical outcomes is also ineligible for this opportunity. 

Questions? Please contact us via email.

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Christine Weeks

Christine Weeks

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Penn LDI

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