6th Annual Health Policy Retreat

6th Annual Health Policy Retreat

Penn Health Policy Retreat Agenda

"Health Policy Evidence for a New Administration"

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome and Introduction, Dan Polsky

Conversation - Avik Roy and Zeke Emanuel
Future Health Policy - Better or Worse than Today's Status Quo

First Panel (7 speakers - 5 min each; 25 min for discussion)

  1. Kevin Volpp (PSOM) - Consumer Incentives and Health Behavior Improvements
  2. Justin Bekelman (PSOM) - Precision Cancer Medicine Consortium
  3. Zack Meisel (PSOM) - Health Economics and Substance Abuse, HIV, and Hep C Treatments
  4. Alison Buttenheim (Nursing) - Vaccine Exemption Policy: Best Practices and Unintended Consequences in a Dynamic Policy Landscape
  5. Christina Roberto (PSOM) - Effective (and Palatable) Implementations of a Sugary Drink Portion Limit Policy
  6. Ashley Swanson (Wharton) - What Do Private Firms Bring to the (Bargaining) Table?
  7. Kathryn Bowles (Nursing) - Fear Not: Nurse Practitioner and Physician Referral Rates for Post-Acute Care Do Not Differ Significantly



Second Panel (8 speakers - 5 min each; 30 min for discussion)

  1. Mark Pauly (Wharton) - The Unsubsidized Uninsured and the Stability of the Insurance Marketplace
  2. Rob Burns (Wharton) - Whart Have We Learned about ACOs from Recent Research
  3. Guy David (Wharton) - The Effect of Discontinuous Post-Acute Care on Hospital Readmissions
  4. Amol Navathe (PSOM) - Bundled Payment: Building Evidence
  5. Bruce Kinosian (PSOM) - Independence at Home
  6. Doug Strane (CHOP) - Low-income Working Families with Employer-Sponsored Insurance Turn to Public Insurance for their Children
  7. Doug Wiebe (PSOM) - The Geography of Acute Care
  8. Hummy Song (Wharton) - Public Relative Performance Feedback: Improving Physician Productivity Through the Adoption of Coworkers' Best Practices


Pick Up Boxed Lunch

Keynote Speaker - Jim Capretta, Resident Fellow and Milton Friedman Chair, AEI
"The Outlook for the ACA and What Might Replace It"

Dessert and Coffee Discussion of Penn Post-Election Health Policy Retreat Priorities