ECRI Institute's 23rd Annual Conference

ECRI Institute's 23rd Annual Conference

"Health Systems and Addiction: The Use and Misuse of Legal Substances"

We’ve all read enough headlines about addiction and overdose. This conference addresses what to do about it. 

Millions of prescriptions are written for drugs like opioids, amphetamines, and sedatives. Many, but not all, are written for legitimate, evidence-based, medical purposes.

Perspectives vary on how to address the human and financial costs of both use and misuse. The balance of the two is largely missing from the national discussion, and so is the changing role of health systems. The issues are complex and intertwined.

“Health Systems and Addiction: The Use and Misuse of Legal Substances” is a free, status-taking conference designed for a broad audience. It is appropriate for providers who specialize in addiction, but primarily targets health system executives, practitioners, researchers and policy makers who are seeking a greater understanding of substance use disorders and the role health systems play within acute-care and community-based care settings. Public and payment policies shape how these institution-based systems act and this will be carefully examined.

National thought leaders will bring evidence and insights on the scientific understanding of addiction, innovations in the prevention of misuse of legal substances, and initiatives to treat and manage addiction.

Join us in overcoming one of our nation’s most important public health concerns.

For 23 years, ECRI Institute has been proud to host its annual health policy conference. View a list of previous topics.

There is no fee to attend the program, but space is limited and advance registration is required. For more information visit the conference website.