Prospects for Health Care Reform: Pandemics, Politics, and Public Opinion

Prospects for Health Care Reform: Pandemics, Politics, and Public Opinion

A Virtual Conversation with Daniel Dawes, JD, Erika Franklin Fowler, PhD, Andy Slavitt, MBA, and Rodney Whitlock, PhD, moderated by Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD


The COVID-19 pandemic has added urgency to the debate on health care reform as nearly 27 million Americans have lost employer-based coverage and COVID cases continue to surge. The need for affordable and accessible care is now greater than ever. Please join our panel of experts as they discuss the political landscape and potential path forward for health care reform leading up to the presidential and congressional elections, including the role of health equity, how COVID-19 has shaped our reform goals, and the political and practical feasibility of various reform proposals.

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Daniel Dawes, JD
​Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute and Executive Director, Government Relations, Policy, and External Affairs, Morehouse School of Medicine

Erika Franklin Fowler, PhD
Professor of Government, Wesleyan University and Director, Wesleyan Media Project

Andy Slavitt, MBA
Founder and Partner, Town Hall Ventures and Founder and Board Chair, United States of Care; Former Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Rodney Whitlock, PhD
Vice President, McDermott+Consulting


Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD (moderator)
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, Diane v. S. Levy and Robert M. Levy University Professor, and Co-Director, Healthcare Transformation Institute, Perelman School of Medicine


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