CHIBE/LDI Research Seminar with Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD

“Value-Based Purchasing for Physician Services”

12:00pm – 1:20pm February 14, 2020

Colonial Penn Center Auditorium, 3641 Locust Walk

Jay Bhattacharya is Professor of Medicine and a core faculty member at the Center for Health Policy and the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research at Stanford University. He also serves as Director of the Program on Medical Outcomes and Director of the Center on the Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. His research focuses on the constraints that vulnerable populations face in making decisions that affect their health status, as well as the effects of government policies and programs designed to benefit vulnerable populations. He has published empirical economics and health services research on the elderly, adolescents, HIV/AIDS and managed care. Most recently, he has researched the regulation of the viatical-settlements market (a secondary life-insurance market that often targets HIV patients) and summer/winter differences in nutritional outcomes for low-income American families. He is also working on a project examining the labor-market conditions that help determine why some U.S. employers do not provide health insurance. He worked for three years as an economist at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., where he also taught health economics as a visiting assistant professor at the University of California-Los Angeles. He received a BA in economics, an MD and a PhD from Stanford University.

This event, co-hosted with the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE), is free and open to the public, but please register.