Health Equity

Climate Change, Disruption, and Health Equity

A Conversation with Sue Anne Bell, PhD, FNP-BC, Elizabeth Fussell, PhD, Michael Mann, PhD, and Sacoby Wilson, PhD, MS, moderated by Courtney Boen, PhD, MPH

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. ET March 24, 2023 Virtual Event

As climate-related disasters, such as floods, droughts, and extreme temperatures become more common, humans are being exposed to unique combinations of health hazards and stressors, which are often inequitably distributed across the population. A panel of experts will discuss how climate change and climate disasters impact health outcomes for different populations and exacerbates health inequities, their impact on health systems, and how we can better prepare for and mitigate the health impacts of a changing climate.

Co-sponsored with the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and part of Energy Week at Penn.

Supported by the Charles C. Leighton, MD Memorial Lecture Fund. 


Sue Ann Bell

Sue Anne Bell, PhD, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems, Populations and Leadership, University of Michigan School of Nursing

Elizabeth Fussell, PhD

Professor, Population Studies and Environment and Society, Brown University

Michael Mann, PhD

Presidential Distinguished Professor and Director, Penn Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media, Penn School of Arts and Sciences

Sacoby Wilson, PhD, MS

Director, Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health and Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health, University of Maryland, College Park School of Public Health

Courtney Boen

Courtney Boen, PhD, MPH (moderator)

Assistant Professor, Sociology, Penn School of Arts and Sciences