Data Visualization Workshop

Open to LDI Fellows

1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. ET September 19, 2022 In-Person Event

Dunning Coaches Center, Directors Room, 231 S. 33rd St

In this workshop, LDI Fellows will learn to make simple yet clear data visualizations in Microsoft Excel, increase their knowledge of data visualization, bring their data to life, choose the right visual forms, and convince their audience.

Participants will explore the conditional formatting menu, learn how to combine chart types, and how to move away from the basic line, bar, and pie charts. Attendees will also briefly explore five alternative data visualization tools: DatawrapperFlourishRAWGraphsR, and Tableau, and will receive the e-book, A Step-by-Step Guide to Advanced Data Visualization.


Jonathan Schwabish, PhD

Founder, PolicyViz

Jonathan Schwabish, PhD is the founder of the data visualization and presentation skills firm, PolicyViz. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research institution in Washington, D.C. He has a PhD in Economics and is considered a leader in the fields of data visualization and presentation skills. He is widely known as a leading voice for clarity and accessibility in research. He has spoken and written widely on various aspects of how to best visualize data including technical aspects of creation, design best practices, and how to communicate scientific research and analysis in more accessible ways.