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Hospice Payment: What’s Broken, What Works, and What’s Next

A Conversation with Ira Byock, MD, Mary Ersek, PhD, RN, Kimberly Sherell Johnson, MD, David Stevenson, PhD, moderated by Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. ET March 1, 2024 Virtual Event

Policy makers and providers have called for reforms to Medicare’s hospice benefit, citing a payment system that does not support consistent high-quality care, encourages profit over patients, and results in disparate and inequitable access to end-of-life care. To address these concerns, Medicare has started experimenting with hospice delivery and payment models, including shifting the responsibility to managed care plans. However, these approaches bring along financial incentives that could limit access to care and other risks. Join the conversation with LDI as we delve into approaches to fix the ailing hospice system, including novel delivery models and financing adjustments, and explore pivotal questions surrounding the future of end-of-life care under Medicare.



Ira Byock, MD

Author; Fellow, American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine; Founder, Institute for Human Caring at Providence St. Joseph Health

Mary Ersek, PhD, RN

Professor of Palliative Care, University of Pennsylvania

Kimberly Sherell Johnson, MD

Professor, Division of Geriatrics and Center for Palliative Care, Duke University Medical Center

David Stevenson, PhD

Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Health Policy, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD (moderator)

Executive Director, Penn LDI; Robert D. Eilers Professor of Health Care Management and Economics, Wharton School; Professor, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine