LDI Research Seminar with Joanne Spetz, PhD

“Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Regulations and the Opioid Treatment Workforce”

12:00pm – 1:20pm December 6, 2019

Colonial Penn Center Auditorium, 3641 Locust Walk

Joanne Spetz, PhD, is a Professor at the Institute for Health Policy Studies, Department of Family and Community Medicine, and School of Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco. She is the Associate Director for Research at the Healthforce Center at UCSF and the Director of the UCSF Health Workforce Research Center for Long-Term Care. Her fields of specialty are economics of the health care workforce, shortages and supply of registered nurses, organization and quality of the hospital industry, impact of health information technology, effect of medical marijuana policy on youth substance use, and the substance use disorder treatment workforce.

Joanne’s teaching is in health care financial management, health economics, and quantitative research methods. She teaches in the UCSF-UC Hastings Health Policy and Law, UCSF-UC Berkeley Masters in Translational Medicine, and UCSF Master of Science in Health Administration and Interprofessional Leadership (MS-HAIL) programs. She also serves on dissertation committees and mentors post-doctoral scholars.

Joanne is an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. She received a Mentorship Award from the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues of AcademyHealth. Joanne was a member of the Institute of Medicine Standing Committee on Credentialing Research in Nursing and a consultant to the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Future of Nursing. She frequently provides testimony and technical assistance to state and federal agencies and policymakers. Joanne received her PhD in economics from Stanford University after studying economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This event is free and open to the public, but please register.