LDI Research Seminar with Maria Polyakova, PhD

“The Roots of Health Inequality and the Value of Intra-Family Expertise”

12:00pm – 1:20pm February 28, 2020

Colonial Penn Center Auditorium, 3641 Locust Walk

Maria Polyakova, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health Research and Policy at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Her work investigates questions surrounding the role of government in the design and financing of health insurance systems. She is interested in how public subsidies affect health insurance markets, what characterizes efficient public or private health insurance contracts, whether innovative health insurance contract design that mimics the behavior of experts could improve population health, how the structure of health insurance systems may affect the degree of inequality in health outcomes, as well as in how individuals make decisions about their health insurance plans, and the role of insurance in determining the structure of provider labor markets.

This event is free and open to the public, but please register.