Are We Ready to Reopen the Economy?

Conversation with Kristian Lum, PhD, John Ricco, David Rubin, MD, MSCE, and Kent Smetters, PhD

12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. ET May 15, 2020 Virtual Event

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The coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented shutdown of activity across the country. After nearly two months of sheltering in place, the economy has taken a beating and states are beginning to lift restrictions on activity to allow businesses to reopen. There are many uncertainties about whether we are ready to reopen the economy and what the tradeoffs with the public’s health will be. Penn and CHOP experts discussed various models for reopening the economy, including the projected economic benefits and health consequences of relaxing stay-at-home orders.


Kristian Lum, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania

John Ricco

Senior Analyst, Penn Wharton Budget Model

David Rubin, MD, MSCE

Director, PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine

Kent Smetters

Kent Smetters, PhD

Boettner Chair Professor, The Wharton School; Faculty Director, Penn Wharton Budget Model

David Grande

David Grande, MD, MPA (moderator)

Director of Policy, Penn LDI; Associate Professor, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

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