Bruce Kinosian, MD

Bruce P. Kinosian, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Bruce Kinosian, MD is a general internist/geriatrician with involvement among a broad group of researchers. He has produced influential cost-effectiveness analyses of interventions for cardiovascular disease in work spanning a decade, developed sophisticated, pioneering models for Alzheimer's Disease using Grade of Membership techniques, and has been involved in economic evaluations of a range of VA HSRD funded clinical trials. He is currently Principle Investigator of a 3-year project to produce a new Long Term Care Planning Model for the Department of Veterans Affairs, an integrating endeavor that ties together VA and CMS data with national surveys spanning the past 20 years, as well as linking VA's research arm (HSR&D) with VA's Policy Arm (Assistant Deputy Under-Secretary of Health's Office of Policy and Planning).

For the past decade he has focused on clinical demonstration projects for community based long term care, exploring forms of "all-inclusive care" outside of the PACE model. He is also works in the Program for Short Bowel Syndrome, where he leads a team of dieticians, clinical nutrition support nurses, gastroenterologists, infectious disease experts, hepatologists and pharmacists in managing the care and studying SBS. The program currently has 4 NIH and industry-sponsored studies active.