Kelly Dyer

Associate Fellow

Kelly Dyer, MD

  • Clinical Fellow, Infectious Disease, Perelman School of Medicine
  • MSHP Student, Perelman School of Medicine

Kelly Dyer, MD is an infectious disease fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include HIV linkage and retention in care, PrEP implementation, and the interplay between substance use disorders and infectious diseases. Her work is dedicated to improving HIV care, improving delivery of preventive services, and understanding the complex relationship between substance use and infectious diseases. In particular, she hopes to understand and mitigate the impact of social factors on infectious diseases and improve health equity with the goal of ensuring all individuals have equitable access to treatment and prevention.

Dr. Dyer received her medical degree from the Emory School of Medicine. She is currently undergoing her residency appointment at J. Willis Hurst Internal Residency at Emory University.

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