Solomon Katz, PhD

  • Professor Emeritus, Orthodontics
  • Director, Krogman Center for Research in Child Growth and Development

Solomon Katz, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Orthodontics. He serves as director for the W.M. Krogman Center for Research in Child Growth and Development, which is affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital for Children in Wilmington. He has delivered presentations for the ID, the American Public Health Association, the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy Research, the CPC National Immunization Conference, and many local and state agencies dealing with health care for children. Dr. Katz is an officer and fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a senior fellow of the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics and teaches biostatistics in the Division of Advanced Dental Education. He also teaches within with Department of Orthodontics courses on child somatic and craniofacial growth and development at both predoctoral and postdoctoral levels.

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