Penn LDI offers its Fellows a number of services to elevate their professional profile and to increase the visibility of their work. These services include: the development of research products, professional portraits, dissemination strategies for external funding, and poster printing.


We can help LDI Fellows to repackage and effectively communicate your research and expertise to different audiences. Our products include:

To access our services, please contact us via the form below as soon as you know your article is accepted. Within staff and time constraints, we can help you translate your findings into Penn LDI products that can be timed with publication. If your research has already been published, we can help you apply your expertise to current events and debates through blogging and news stories. 

Professional Portraits

LDI maintains a professional portrait studio that provides complimentary services to Senior and Associate Fellows. The final portrait images are used on the biography pages of the LDI website and are also provided to each Fellow for use in any way that is helpful for promoting their expertise and work.

External Support

To reserve our services, consider putting the LDI Fellow Visibility Services in your next proposal to external funders. Increasingly, funders are requiring researchers to address translation and dissemination activities in project proposals. No longer satisfied with the boilerplate language of meeting presentations and journal publications, funders are looking for evidence that their dollars will have an impact beyond academic spheres. That’s where Penn LDI’s Fellow Visibility Services comes in.

We offer bundles of translation and dissemination services that you can put into proposals to formalize these efforts. Funding allows us to devote limited Penn LDI resources to your specific project, and also shows a funder that you are serious about disseminating your work. You can tap into Penn LDI expertise in health policy, health economics, and health services research to make proposals more competitive and attractive to a broad array of funders.

Our services are available to LDI Senior Fellows in all disciplines. However, in limited cases, in cases where the topic of a specific proposal falls outside of our area of expertise, we may determine that our Program is not a good fit. We want to ensure that we can provide high-value services to awardees that are commensurate with the amount that they have allocated to us. We are best able to help with proposals in the area of health policy, health economics, and health services research.

For more information about Penn LDI Fellow Visibility Services and to discuss options for your specific proposal, please email Traci Chupik.

Traci Chupik

Traci Chupik, MSEd

Director of Operations, Penn LDI

Poster Printing Service

Penn LDI offers a free poster printing service to Senior and Associate Fellows who are first, second, or last author on a poster. You must use one of the two templates linked below: (1) a more traditional format; and (2) a more condensed, quick-glance format.  Click here for a video about things to consider when choosing a template.

Poster Submission Instructions:

Traditional format
Quick-glance format

For questions or more information about Penn LDI’s Poster Printing Service, please email Penn LDI.