LDI is a community that includes people from many different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and cultures. As a community, LDI works to actively embrace all differences and commonalities and to make each person feel valued and respected. We strive to create a community where each of us can find a shared mission and an academic home. We are committed to fostering respectful engagement, maintaining open dialogue, and leading thoughtful programs.

We have witnessed brutal violence and racism in Minneapolis and beyond, and we wholly condemn the killing of George Floyd. In addition to exposing justifiable anger and grief, these events remind us of the longstanding inequities and structural racism that many Americans and many of our community members endure on a daily basis. The effect of racism is far reaching and long lasting.

It is my highest priority to ensure that LDI lives up to its ideals of diversity, inclusion, and respect, so that each member of our community can feel safe and welcome, and can thrive. It will take sustained, long-term work to turn the deadly tide of racism. Please know that LDI is committed to this work.