enn's annual Wharton Health Care Management Department Student-Faculty Basketball Tournament took to the floor in Penn's Rockwell Gym
As Villanova was clawing its way through the NCAA March Madness brackets to eventually capture the national title, Penn’s annual Wharton Health Care Management Department Student-Faculty Basketball Tournament took to the floor in Penn’s Rockwell Gym to demonstrate its own kind of grit and courtsmanship. In action out on the court (above) PhD student Stuart Craig rockets the ball through the upstretched hands of PhD student Evan Saltzman to fellow green team member Law School Assistant Professor David Abrams.
Gaëlle Beltran-Gremaud, LDI Managing Director, and Puja Upadhyay, LDI Policy Coordinator
Wharton PhD students Jong Lim, Benjamin Ukert, and Amy Bond warm up before the start of the annual Wharton Health Care Management Student-Faculy basketball game.

In an effort to address the fact that every past game has been won by the faculty team, this year’s competition was organized differently. Each team was made up of a mix of faculty, PhD students and LDI staffers. Displaying this year’s team shirts (above, left) are Gaëlle Beltran-Gremaud, LDI Managing Director, and Puja Upadhyay, LDI Policy Coordinator. Above, right, members of the Green team shoot some practice shots before the tipoff: [l to r] Wharton PhD students Jong LimBenjamin Ukert, and Amy Bond.

Wharton Assistant professor Matthew Grennan (green) and PhD Student Sarah Dykstra (blue) strain for the basketbnall
Chasing a rebound down the basketball court are Ashley Swanson, Amy Bond, David Abrams, Guy David, Vicki Chen, Sarah Dykstra, and Jong Lim

Levitating in an almost balletic move (above), Wharton Assistant professor Matthew Grennan (green) and PhD Student Sarah Dykstra (blue) strain for the ball. Above, right, chasing the rebound down the court are Ashley SwansonAmy BondDavid AbramsGuy DavidVicki ChenSarah Dykstra, and Jong Lim.

Ashley Swanson manuevers for a shot (above, left) as Assistant Professor David Abrams and LDI Executive Assistant Emily Shields move in on her
Assistant Penn Professor Matthew Grennan sinks a long one after outjumping PhD student Evan Saltzman in the annual basketball game

Under the board, Ashley Swanson manuevers for a shot (above, left) as Assistant Professor David Abrams and LDI Executive Assistant Emily Shields move in on her. Above, right, Assistant Professor Matthew Grennan sinks a long one after outjumping PhD student Evan Saltzman.

Airborne Matthew Grennan (above, left) blocks the shot of Evan Saltzman as Stuart Craig, Abby Alpert and Vicki Chen race in
Outracing PhD Student Steve Schwab down the court after a steal, LDI Business Administrator Dan Lynam lifts it at the basket

Airborne Matthew Grennan (above, left) blocks the shot of Evan Saltzman as Stuart CraigAbby Alpert and Vicki Chen race in. Above, right, outracing PhD Student Steve Schwab down the court after a steal, LDI Business Administrator Dan Lynam lifts it at the basket.

Wharton Associate Professor Guy David and Law School Assistant Professor David Abrams  duel for position and possession on the basketball court
Associate Professor Claudio Lucarelli takes a shot on the basketball court

Wharton Associate Professor Guy David and Law School Assistant Professor David Abrams (above, left) duel for position and possession. Above, left, with the green team descending on him, Associate Professor Claudio Lucarelli takes a shot.

Giving no quarter, PhD students Amy Bond and Sarah Dykstra struggle for the basketball
Wharton PhD student Amy Bond goes to the floor in the student-faculty basketball game

Giving no quarter, PhD students Amy Bond and Sarah Dykstra struggle for the ball and (above, right) as other blue teamers close in, the scuffle sends Bond to the floor.

Wharton PhD Student Evan Saltzman, is about to turn the corner on fellow student Stuart Craig in the annual basketball game

PhD Student Evan Saltzman (above, left), is about to turn the corner on fellow student Stuart Craig. Above, right, easily sailing above the defenders, Wharton Associate Professor Guy David arcs one in.

With the score close, Ben Chartock, David Abrams and Sarah Dykstra grapple for possession of the basketball
Head down, PhD student Emma Dean bulls her way through the defenders on the basketball court

With the score close (above, left), Ben ChartockDavid Abrams and Sarah Dykstra grapple for possession. Minutes later (above, right), not giving it up, Emma Dean bulls her way through the defenders.

Postdoctoral Fellow and Blue Team coach Molly Candon reviews strategies during half time of the Wharton 2018 Student-Faculty basketball game
Green team coach at the 2018 Wharton basketball game is Wharton Professor Scott Harrington

Reviewing strategies and rallying the troops during the half and time-outs are (above, left) Blue coach Molly Candon, LDI Postdoctoral Fellow, and (above right) Green coach Wharton Professor Scott Harrington.

Under the board, Associate Professor Guy David's leaping effort blocks Assistant Law School Professor David Abrams' shot on the basketball court
Assistant Wharton Professor Abby Alpert cheers on her teammates

Under the board, Associate Professor Guy David‘s leaping effort blocks Assistant Law School Professor David Abrams‘ shot. Above, right, Assistant Professor Abby Alpert cheers on her teammates.

As a basketball foul shot goes awry, PhD students Steve Schwab and Amy Bond lunge upward for the rebound as Claudio Lucarelli, Atul Gupta and Matthew Grennan rush in
Blue coach Molly Candon and scorekeeper Elena Andreyeva watch as the clock runs out and the Green team wins 29 to 23 in the 2018 annual Wharton student-faculty basketball game

As a foul shot goes awry (above, left), PhD students Steve Schwab and Amy Bond lunge upward for the rebound as Claudio LucarelliAtul Gupta and Matthew Grennan rush in. Above right, Blue coach Molly Candon and LDI Postdoctoral Fellow and scorekeeper Elena Andreyeva watch as the clock runs out and the Green team wins 29 to 23.

Group portrait - the 24 PhD students and faculty members participating in the 2018 Wharton Health Care Management Student-Faculty basketball game.

The Wharton faculty/PhD basketball team members of 2018. [Standing, l to r] Molly Candon, PhD, LDI Postdoctoral Fellow; Dan Lynam, LDI Business Administrator; Scott Harrington, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Wharton Health Care Management Department; Evan Saltzman, PhD student; Ashley Swanson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Care Management; Matthew Grennan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Care Management; Jong Lim, MPA, PhD Student; David Abrams, PhD, MS, Law School Assistant Professor; Claudio Lucarelli, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Care Management; Guy David, PhD, Associate Professor, Health Care Management; Joanne Levy, MBA, MCP, LDI Deputy Director; Emma Dean, PhD student; Emily Shields, LDI Executive Assistant; Benjamin Ukert, PhD, LDI Postdoctoral Fellow; Stuart Craig, PhD Student; Atul Gupta, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Care Management. [Kneeling l to r] Safa Browne, LDI Research Coordinator; Amy Bond, PhD Student; Vicki Chen, PhD Student; Karen Zhang, PhD Student; Ben Chartock, PhD Student; Abby Alpert, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Care Management; Steve Schwab, PhD Student; and Sarah Dykstra, PhD Student.
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