Asiya Validova

Associate Fellow

Asiya Validova, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, PolicyLab, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Asiya Validova, PhD is a postdoctoral research fellow at PolicyLab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She joined the team of Dr. Meredith Matone to take part in policy-oriented health services research. Dr. Validova is involved in several research projects in maternal and child health, including the study of mental/behavioral health care utilization and the impact of underinsurance on children’s ability to access care and on health status. She is also participating in collaborative research with Drexel University and the SALURBAL team examining the impacts of paid parental leave policies on infant and maternal mortality in Latin American cities and longitudinal associations between income inequality and population health in Latin America.

Dr. Validova’s current research interests include socio-economic inequalities and their health consequences, health disparities in children’s health, and immigrant adolescents’ mental health. She is particularly interested in investigating policies that mitigate socioeconomic inequities. She has also worked on collaborative projects between the University of Texas at San Antonio and the City of San Antonio, which aimed to develop cooperation and social service between researchers, government agencies, and members of the community. Dr. Validova received her PhD in Applied Demography from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she conducted research in such fields of public health and demography as children’s and adolescents’ health, income inequality and population health, and fertility behavior in low-fertility countries.

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