Claudio Lucarelli

Senior Fellow

Claudio Lucarelli, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Health Care Management, Wharton School

Claudio Lucarelli, PhD is an Associate Professor of Healthcare Management at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the industrial organization of health care markets, with a focus on the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. He has been recognized for his work on Medicare Part D, a federal program delivered through the private sector, showing in a series of papers that Medicare beneficiaries are able to navigate a complex array of choices and to learn over time. He is the recipient of the 19th National Institute for Health Care Management Research Award and Honorable Mention in its 22nd version.

He is currently studying the impact of insurance design on the adoption of new technology and the growth rate of health care spending. His work on the pharmaceutical industry has provided interesting insights on the pricing of cancer drugs, and he is currently working on building price indices that are able to include patient heterogeneity and adjust for quality. Through his studies of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, he has developed expertise on the health care systems of several countries. His research has been published in leading economics journals such as the American Economic Review, International Economic Review, and the RAND Journal of Economics. Professor Lucarelli has advised antitrust authorities and government institutions in several countries.

Prior to joining Wharton, Professor Lucarelli served as Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Universidad de los Andes in Chile, and was an Assistant Professor of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University. He received his PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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