Lisa Levine

Senior Fellow

Lisa Levine, MD, MSCE

  • Michael T. Mennuti, MD, Associate Professor in Reproductive Health, Perelman School of Medicine

Lisa Levine, MD, MSCE is a Maternal Fetal Medicine faculty member active in research, clinical care, education, and mentorship. One of Dr. Levine’s overarching academic goals is to improve maternal morbidity during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period through innovative and novel research and through providing outstanding clinical care, all while teaching and growing the next generation of clinicians. Dr. Levine has two areas of clinical research within women’s reproductive health, both addressing different aspects of maternal morbidity. Her research focuses on optimizing labor management to reduce morbidity for all pregnant women, and focuses specifically on morbidity and disparities among women with pregnancy hypertension or cardiac disease, which are two leading causes of maternal mortality in the United States.

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