Associate Fellow

Magdalena Delaporte

  • PhD Student, Population Studies Center, School of Arts and Sciences

Magdalena Delaporte is a PhD student in the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a PhD student, she was a researcher at the Center for Longitudinal Studies at the Catholic University of Chile, where she coordinated the research team and worked in statistical and econometric analysis. She has been part of projects related to poverty, income, health and well-being, and surveys such as the Chilean National Migration Survey, Chilean National Socioeconomic Characterization Survey, and the Demographic, Aging and Health Survey, among others.

She is a current member of the Chile Cognitive Aging Study (Chile-Cog), a research collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania and the Catholic University of Chile. This project is designed to estimate cognitive function among Chilean adults ages 60 and above and its life-course determinants. She is interested in studying how socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental factors affect health and well-being. Delaporte is originally from Santiago, Chile, and she holds a Master of Economic Analysis and a BA in Economics, both from the University of Chile.

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