Richard Patti

Associate Fellow

Richard Patti

  • PhD Student, Sociology and Demography, School of Arts and Sciences
  • MA Student, Statistics and Data Science, Wharton School

Richard Patti is a fourth-year PhD candidate in sociology and demography at the University of Pennsylvania, and he is also pursuing a MA in Statistics and Data Science at Wharton. He is a quantitative researcher who is broadly interested in how social status, residence, and citizenship pattern inequalities in health and access to health care in the United States. More specifically, his research interests focus on the social determinants of health, and how different types of exposures and stressors pattern a variety of health outcomes, especially among immigrant and mixed-status families.

His dissertation uses panel data to assess structural intersectionality and the social determinants of health at multiple levels of exposure. Patti assesses disparities in mental health, physiological health, and aging within the population. The types of different exposures he examines include state immigration policies, neighborhood disorder, and interpersonal stressors. Using a life-course framework, this research promises to contribute to our understanding of how health and aging trajectories vary within and across different intersections of race, ethnicity, nativity, and citizenship status. Previously, Patti earned his Master’s in Sociology with a concentration in Applied Social Research at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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