Penn Medicine is uniquely positioned to be a leader in addressing reproductive and maternal health inequities, and has established itself as an innovator in care delivery across the reproductive lifespan through programs such as the Pregnancy Early Access Center and Heart Safe Motherhood. Evaluation and external promotion of the impact of these projects is ongoing and could be enhanced by collaboration across disciplines. Increasing coordination among members of the working group will allow participants to realign existing expertise to maximize efficiency in data production and analysis.

Working Group Goal:

With an eye toward achieving health equity, the goal of the Maternal and Reproductive Health working group is to provide a forum for experts within LDI to advance work to disseminate policy relevant recommendations to ameliorate disparities in maternal and reproductive health care.

The Working Group aims to:

Get Involved:

Working group membership is open to all members of the Penn and CHOP communities, and others by permission. Sign up here.

Initiative Leads

Alice Abernathy

Alice Abernathy, MD

Fellow, National Clinician Scholars Program, Perelman School of Medicine

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell, MD, MPP

Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Perelman School of Medicine

Courtney Schrieber

Courtney Schreiber, MD, MPH

Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Perelman School of Medicine