The field of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and its potential applications to medicine and clinical care are enormous. Overlapping domains such as machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models all have potential use cases, many of which have been tested, that could transform the way care is delivered to patients. At the same time, rigorous evidence is needed about the implications for care quality, access and equity, and cost. There are open questions about algorithmic bias, explainability of machine learning models, and data privacy concerns.

Working Group Goal:

To form a community of health services and policy researchers and experts that can clearly articulate and address many of the open questions around
the application of AI to medicine. This will include through panels, seminars, and conferences; blog posts and white papers; efforts to engage policy
makers; and creating a forum and leveraging resources to address important health services research questions.

Get Involved:

Working group membership is open to LDI Fellows, and others by invitation. Sign up here.

Initiative Leads

Ravi Parikh MD, MPP

Assistant Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy and Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine
Associate Director, Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation, Perelman School of Medicine

Eric Bressman

Eric Bressman, MD, MSHP

Assistant Professor, Medicine (Hospital Medicine), Perelman School of Medicine

Gary Weissman

Gary Weissman MD, MSHP

Assistant Professor, Medicine and Informatics, Perelman School of Medicine