Research Analytic Support

The Health Economics Data Analyst Pool (HEDAP) is a Penn service center supported and managed by LDI to provide LDI-affiliated investigators access to high-quality, skilled data analysts. HEDAP recruits, trains, and manages a group of masters-level and PhD-level statistical analysts. These analysts work with multi-disciplinary investigators across funded projects using statistical software packages such as SAS, Stata, and R to manipulate and analyze health care data under the guidance of the investigators and other collaborators.

HEDAP administrative staff recruits new analysts and manages their effort across various projects. HEDAP administration also facilitates health services research by supporting the professional development of the analysts working on secondary data projects for LDI-affiliated investigators. To help manage HEDAP, users are charged a 12% overhead fee. Peter Groeneveld, MD, MS, runs the HEDAP program. For more information regarding HEDAP, please contact Jibby Kurichi.