Access & Equity

How health care resources are distributed across the population and how access and health outcomes vary across different groups. LDI Senior Fellows focus on how to achieve greater access for vulnerable populations and how to reduce disparities in health outcomes.

Philadelphia's Maternity Care Crisis

Nov. 25, 2013

There's been some pushback lately about including maternity care in the “essential health benefit” package mandated by the ACA. No one suggests that maternity care is not essential to maternal and infant health; rather, the issue is who should pay for it. What is missing from the debate is any reference to our present state of maternity care.

Medicaid Reform, New York Style

Nov. 16, 2013

New York State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, MD, MPH gave the Samuel Martin III Memorial Lecture yesterday at the Leonard Davis Institute, and described New York’s ongoing plans to improve health outcomes while containing the growth of Medicaid costs. The investments might surprise you, as they lie beyond the usual borders of the health care system. Shah calls it the Health-In-All-Policies Approach.

Out2Enroll Campaign to Launch October 11 (National Coming Out Day)

Sep. 26, 2013

In just six days, the new Health Insurance Marketplaces will open their virtual doors and the next phase of implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will begin. The Obama Administration, recognizing that the ACA holds particular relevance for the LGBT community, recently held a briefing at the White House for LGBT leaders across the US. I attended and represented the new Penn Medicine Program for LGBT Health.

Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gave these opening remarks to set the stage for the day:

Why Are We Lagging in Life Expectancy?

Aug. 27, 2013

Life expectancy has been in the news lately. Over the summer, The New York Times summarized a new report from the CDC analyzing racial difference in life expectancy between U.S blacks and whites; last month, the OECD released comparative data between the U.S.