The form and manner in which health professionals are educated and trained to develop the necessary competencies to serve the needs of the population.

Do Student Characteristics Affect Teachers' Decisions to Use 1:1 Instruction?

Jul. 1, 2019

Heather J. Nuske, Melanie Pellecchia, Viktor Lushin, Keiran Rump, Max Seidman, Rachel R. Ouellette, Diana Cooney, Brenna B. Maddox, Gwendolyn M. Lawson, Amber Song, Erica M. Reisinger, David S. Mandell

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One-to-one instruction is a critical component of evidence-based instruction for students with autism spectrum disorder, but is not used as often as recommended. Student characteristics may affect teachers' decisions to select a treatment and/or implement it. This study examined the associations between students' clinical and demographic characteristics and teachers' reported use of discrete trial training (DTT) and pivotal response training (PRT). Children's higher sensory symptoms, lower social approach, lower verbal skills and higher self-


Do Longer Shifts Affect Residents’ Sleep or Patient Safety?

Mar. 25, 2019

Do residents need more sleep? Two new studies in the New England Journal of Medicine compare the effects of standard versus flexible duty-hours on residents’ sleep and patient safety.

The iCOMPARE trial randomized 63 internal medicine residency programs, consisting of over 5,000 trainees, to standard duty-hour policies or flexible policies. All programs were held to an 80-hour work week, but flexible policies had no limits on shift lengths and did not mandate time off between shifts.

A Systematic Global Review of Condom Availability Programs in High Schools

Mar. 1, 2019

Eda Algur, Elin Wang, Howard S. Friedman, Bidia Deperthes

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Purpose: High levels of HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and pregnancy among adolescents has motivated some countries to consider the implementation of condom availability programs (CAPs) in high schools. In this present study, we analyzed the impact of CAP on students' sexual behaviors and health outcomes


Four Dozen Penn Faculty and Their Undergrad Minority Research Mentees

Sep. 11, 2018
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'Disturbingly Informative' - A SUMR Trip to the Mütter Museum

Aug. 28, 2018
For the seventh year, the University of Pennsylvania's LDI Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) scholars and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia's Karabots Junior Fellows met for a day to discuss issues of common interest and tour the famed Mütter Museum that bills itself as a "Disturbingly Informative" experience. The SUMR scholars are college undergrads and the Karabots are high school students. Both pipeline programs are aimed at underrepresented minority students and others interested in pursuing studies and exploring career-related experiences in the health care field. Now...

Six SUMR Scholars Sponsored by Wharton School Meet the Deans

Aug. 13, 2018
Wharton School Deputy Dean and Dean, Michael Gibbons and Geoffrey Garrett, meet with five of the six 2018 SUMR scholars sponsored by the Dean's Office. A s they entered the last week of their summer-long 2018 introductory health services research (HSR) scholarships, five of the six Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) scholars sponsored by the Wharton School's Dean's office met with the Deans to discuss their experiences in the pipeline program. [Top row] Manuel Alcala of Penn, Jiaxuan (Grace) Nie of Penn, and Janiece Strange of Morgan State University [Bottom] Nahnsan Guseh of...

SUMR 2018 Tours Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Aug. 9, 2018
Photos: Hoag Levins Rounding a corner in the labyrinthine Philadelphia Magic Gardens is Tania Calle , one of the University of Pennsylvania Summer Undergraduate Minority Research (SUMR) Scholars who toured the site. The group also visited the 11th annual African Festival hosted by the African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA) on the Penn's Landing waterfront. Sponsored by LDI and the Wharton School Health Care Management Department, the annual three-month long SUMR program is aimed at underrepresented minority undergraduates and others interested in exploring potential careers in the...