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The mix and distribution of health care providers. LDI Senior Fellows study how to transform health care delivery through the optimal training, mix, and placement of health care professionals and allied health workers to deliver cost-effective care.

A Pilot Study To Determine Whether Health Care Professionals Perceive Stigma In Heterozygote Carrier Identification And Disclosure Decisions

Alex Moffett
Jul. 11, 2011

Alexander Moffett, Lainie Friedman Ross

Abstract [from journal]

We conducted an empirical pilot study to assess the attitudes of health care professionals (HCPs) to the personal identification of heterozygote carrier status for two autosomal recessive conditions (cystic fibrosis and a hemoglobinopathy) and for an X‐linked disorder (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) using the Health Orientation Scale (HOS) and a modified HIV Stigma Scale. Attitudes towards carrier identification of children were also assessed. Three hundred and ten of 742 (42%) eligible HCPs fully or partly completed the survey. As measured with the HOS


Treating Viral Respiratory Tract Infections with Antibiotics in Hospitals: No Longer a Case of Mistaken Identity

Dec. 20, 2010

This Issue Brief investigates antibiotic use in hospitalized adults with a confirmed viral infection, a group of patients that may not benefit from such therapy. Understanding the factors that lead to inappropriate antibiotic use may help change clinical practice and limit antibiotic resistance.

The California Nurse Staffing Mandate: Implications for Other States

Jun. 28, 2010

In 2004, California became the first state to implement minimum nurse-to-patient staffing requirements inacute care hospitals. It remains the only state to enact such requirements, although at least 18 states have introduced nurse staffing legislation. The goals of the legislation were to reduce nurse workloads, improve recruitment and retention of nurses, and improve quality of care. This Issue Brief summarizes the first comprehensive evaluation of the California mandate in achieving these goals.