Research Resources

1. LDI Health Services Research Data Center

The Health Services Research Data Center (HSRDC) provides a secure environment for investigators analyzing protected patient information. It coordinates the acquisition, storage, and analysis of data from private and government sources (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, and others) and facilitates their use by researchers who seek to answer important questions regarding health policy and health care. The data center enhances Penn’s research capabilities by:

  • Providing an environment to conduct large federally and privately funded research projects.
  • Encouraging collaborations on increasingly interdisciplinary research that includes investigators from the Perelman School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dental Medicine, the Wharton School, and Penn Law, among others.
  • Permitting mentored trainees to use the system in close collaboration with Penn faculty members.
  • Allowing Penn faculty members to perform pilot research in preparation for grant applications.

2.  Data Resources

Sharable data resources stored on the HSRDC include Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services claims data, Optum data, and National (Nationwide) Inpatient Sample data.

3. Analytic Support

Health Economics Data Analyst Pool (HEDAP) provides LDI-affiliated researchers access to high-quality, skilled data analysts working on health services research projects.

4. LDI Small Grants Program

The LDI Small Grants Program requests proposals for pilot research grants in the broad category of health systems and health policy research. The proposals investigate emerging medical, economic, social, and policy issues that influence how health care is organized, financed, managed, and delivered with particular interest in projects aligned with our four priority areas: (1) care for vulnerable populations; (2) coverage and access to health care; (3) improving care for older adults; and (4) the opioid epidemic. 

5. LDI Policy Accelerator Pilot Program

One of the challenges in applying evidence to policy is the gap between the timing of emerging policy issues and the life cycle of a research project. To bridge this gap, LDI will make LDI Policy Accelerator Pilot Grants available to qualifying researchers. The goal of this new form of pilot grant is to incentivize LDI experts to produce policy-relevant content—a descriptive data brief, an opinion piece, a perspective or viewpoint, prominent blog post, or testimony—in response to an issue of immediate concern to policymakers.

6. Find Colleagues and Collaborators

The LDI website includes an "Experts Directory" that is an index of all Senior Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Adjunct Fellows searchable by name, school, and research interests.

7. Translation & Dissemination Support

LDI's communications staff can assist Senior Fellows and Associate Fellows in repackaging and effectively communicating their research and expertise for different audiences.

8. Poster Printer Services

LDI offers a Poster Printing Service to all LDI Senior Fellows and Associate Fellows who are the first or second author on a poster.