Aayush Kapri

Aayush Kapri

Rowan University, Class of 2024

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Economics

Aayush Kapri is a junior at Rowan University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
and a minor in Economics. He is interested in the intersection of economics, policy, and
politics. Following graduation, he hopes to attend graduate school in Economics. He has
previously worked on a research project related to Aortic Aneurysms at Rowan University.

During SUMR, Kapri worked alongside Dr. Harald Schmidt to investigate the use of
disadvantage indices in addressing health disparities, particularly in the context of the
COVID-19 pandemic. The research focused on exploring the effectiveness of these indices in
ensuring equitable vaccine allocation, emergency care, testing, and treatment for disadvantaged

Kapri is part of the Honors program at Rowan University and works as a tutor in the
Mathematics department. In his free time, Aayush likes to watch/play soccer, travel, and listen to

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