Abril Coselino

Keystone College, Class of 2025

Major: Psychology

Minor: General Biology

Abril Coselino is an international student from Argentina pursuing a double major in Biology
and Psychology at Keystone College. The socioeconomic context of her country led her to
become strongly interested in social and political psychology. Her passion lies in comprehending the interaction between environmental, social, and psychological factors and their influence on behavior. Through the SUMR program, she hopes to deepen her understanding of the intersection between Psychology and Health Care as well as expand on her research interests. Following graduation, Abril intends to pursue a PhD in social or political psychology. 

During the SUMR program, Abril is working on two research projects. As for the first project,
she is working with Danielle Erkoboni and Danielle Sands at the Literacy Lab to inform early
literacy and learning through parent-child interactions. For the second project, Abril is working under the guidance of Meghan Lane-Fall and Casey Vaughan on an NIH-funded multicenter study called HATRICC-US (Handoffs and Transitions in Critical Care – Understanding Scalability). The study examines standardized communication at specific hospital transition points to reduce preventable harm to patients. 

At Keystone College, Abril works with Professor Steven R. Howell studying the effects of
socioeconomic status and personality on political attitudes, as well as translating personality
assessment instruments from English to Spanish. Moreover, Abril serves as the president of the Future Healthcare Professionals Club and the secretary of the Multicultural and Diversity Club. Additionally, she works as a resident assistant and a tutor in Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, and Biology. She plays field hockey and, in her free time, enjoys reading.