Ahmed Hubbi

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2027

Major: Health & Societies: Public Health

Minor: Chemistry; Psychology

Ahmed Hubbi is a second-year student pursuing a major in Health & Societies with a concentration in Public Health and minors in Psychology and Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. His Syrian-American background has exposed him firsthand to how deep-rooted culture and ignorance can manifest in medicine. He hopes to uncover the linkages between medicine and anthropology to then leverage this intersection by attending medical school to most effectively treat patients.

In SUMR, Ahmed works on two research projects within the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). In his first partnership with Dr. Danielle Erkoboni in the Literacy Lab, Ahmed is primarily exposed to conducting mixed-method studies related to early learning and literacy through parent-child interactions. The project aims to better understand how reading, playful learning, and screen time impact children’s cognitive development, and how to best support parents in promoting their children’s early learning. In his second project under the mentorship of Dr. Barbara Chaiyachati, Ahmed learns how to apply skills associated with quantitative data analysis, including acclimation to R data entry and cleaning. Insights from this method were relevant to early development trajectories among adolescents in primary care.

Ahmed works as an Ambassador of STEM Pathways through Heights Philadelphia where he serves as a near-peer tutor in high school science classrooms. At Penn, Ahmed is involved in the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and volunteers in the West Philadelphia community through the Locust Health Connect.