Amatalla Saulawa

Amatallah Saulawa

Auburn University, Class of 2025

Major: International Studies

Minor: Public Health

Amatallah Saulawa is a junior pursuing a BA in International Studies with a minor in Public Health at Auburn University. Saulawa’s interest in health disparities stems from her experience living in a rural area. After graduation, she plans to obtain an MPH with a concentration in population health to research how healthcare access in rural communities can be improved.

Saulawa worked on two SUMR research projects. With Harald Schmidt, Ph.D., she researched how disadvantage indices can be used to improve healthcare access and outcomes in disadvantaged communities of color. She also worked on the OpenIDEO Book Reading Study with Danielle Erkoboni, MD, and Danielle Sands, MPH.

At Auburn, Saulawa is a member of the African Students Association and a student editor at TheCircle, Auburn’s literary magazine. When she is not working at the library, she enjoys reading pre-colonial west African history and listening to traditional Hausa music.

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