Ana Glassman

Ana Glassman

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2024

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry and Anthropology

Ana Glassman is a senior pursuing a major in Biology with a concentration in Mechanisms of Disease, along with two minors: Chemistry and Anthropology. She was adopted from Guatemala and raised in Evanston, just outside of Chicago, IL. While in high school, she became captain of the congressional debate team. Through debate, she learned about health equity and social determinants of health care and helping access the system became a passion of hers.

During SUMR, Glassman worked on two projects. The first was with MeghanLane-Fall, MD, MSHP. The Lane-Fall Lab team was interested in improving the quality of care for vulnerable hospitalized patients. HATRICC-US (Handoffs and Transitions in Critical Care-Understanding Scalability) uses a Mixed-Methods model of both qualitative and quantitative research to assess the effectiveness of provider communication when patients are transferred from the operating room to the intensive care unit. She also worked with Peter Cronholm, MD, MSCE. The goal of Mixed Methods Research Lab is to provide conceptual and technical support to community-based and clinical research using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

At University of Pennsylvania, she works in Dr. Thaiss’s lab in the Perelman School of Medicine studying how metabolism influences the predisposition for common diseases. In addition, Glassman works for the Daily Pennsylvanian as a staff photographer and previously held the title of opinion photo editor during 2021. She is pre-med, with the goal of helping all people, especially the underserved, access the health care system

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