Andrew Beltran

Haverford College, Class of 2023

Major: Biology

Minor: Spanish

Andrew Beltran is pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish at Haverford College. He is interested in how to reduce health care inequities and barriers that Latino, Native, and Black communities have historically faced. He is particularly focused on learning how language, immigration status, and income inequality affect a Latino individual’s ability to seek approachable health care. Although he has not decided on a career path, he hopes to pursue higher education to understand and ultimately combat these inequalities. 

During SUMR, Beltran worked on two research projects with Adriana Perez, PhD, CRNP, ANP-BC, FAAN, FGSA and Allison Willis, MD, MS. With Dr. Perez, he helped with an intervention study called “Tiempo Juntos para la Salud.” The aim was to help an older Latino population with Mild Cognitive Impairment through a multilayered, socially-aware framework. With Dr. Willis, he explored the social determinants of health related to neurological disease. 

At Haverford, Beltran is involved with Alliance with Latin American Students (ALAS), Pulso Latino, the school’s new Latino cultural center, and other activities on campus. In his free time, he is a fan of Mexican cinema, weightlifting, watching documentaries about evolution and genetics, and hanging out with friends. 

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